Beneath The Earth Film Festival Announces 2012 Call for Entries

Innovative Online Festival seeks films from 1990 onward for 2012 competition

(NEW YORK) April, 2012Beneath the Earth Film Festival (BTEFF), a rapidly growing online film festival in its third year, announces it’s Call for Entries for the 2012 season.

We’re doing things a little differently this year and onward,” says festival co-founder, Antonia Opiah.

“We realize that a lot of filmmakers spend months on the festival circuit; some will get into festivals and most won’t. Even those who do, are not guaranteed distribution. And because most festivals only want a filmmaker’s latest and greatest what ends up happening is there is a whole body of work out there that really doesn’t get seen by anyone else besides those who attend festivals and small screenings. For that very reason, we saw an opportunity in looking back and widening our completion date window. Starting this year we’ll be accepting films that were produced as far back as 1990. With all the progress that’s been made with video content online, there’s now a way to bring those films to a wider audience.”

Beneath the Earth will be accepting submissions from March through August 31st, 2012. Visit the BTEFF site for a breakdown of early, regular and late deadlines. The festival itself takes place online through the month of November at www.Beneathearth.com.


Beneath the Earth is an online film festival that was created out of the idea that the Internet has given us new power to influence what content gets consumed and who gets noticed. We’ve already seen it happen in music, where musicians are discovered through the followings they create online. And now we’d like to see it happen for film and use this new-found power to shine the light on the little guy who’s created something beautiful but hasn’t been able to cut through the red Hollywood tape.

In an age when consumers are receiving more news and content through social media and social networking channels, BTEFF has partnered with some of the Web’s most passionate and far-reaching film reviewers to help shine the light on an emerging crop of talented filmmakers.

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